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The sports we offer here at PhysKidz are designed to keep the development of children in mind. We want to help with the development of your child and that what these sports and activities will help your child with. Not only will they have loads of fun but they will learn social skills, teamwork, endurance, balance depth perception and so much more.

We have sports that both boys and girls can participate in. Development as a child is very important and teaching them sports can be beneficial to their growth both physically and mentally.

physkidz sports netball


Sports has always been a fantastic way to get children moving while teaching them important skills and netball is no exception.

Netball is a team sport which develops communication and interpersonal skills.  It teaches children to think and communicate on the go and teaches them to work together as a team, which builds confidence as they learn to trust themselves.  Netball helps to improve balance and coordination, as well as all round fitness.

Due to the fast pace of Netball, children will improve their:

  • Depth perception, hand-eye coordination and reaction time.
  • How to throw a netball.
  • How to catch a netball.
  • Catching the ball high in the air.
  • Will try to defend the ball from being passed to the attacker.
  • Get in a clear space for the ball thrower to throw the ball.
  • Shooting the ball
  • Compliance to the rules


PhysKidz rugby encourages children to use skills such as balance, agility, co-ordination.

Social skills are developed by encouraging children to share and work together.

Through PhysKidz Rugby, children develop basic motor skills with specially planned games and tasks to teach children to discover space, pass the rugby ball and to score a try.


It’s never too early to get children involved in cricket.  PhysKidz aims to develop an eagerness for the game of cricket from an early age.

Children who are introduced to cricket are able to learn new skills and how to play as a team.

The basic skills taught include

  • Catching,
  • Throwing,
  • Jumping,
  • Running and
  • Teamwork.

Playing cricket is a fun way to get children interacting with their environment.


Early childhood development is a crucial time during which children obtain coordination and technical skills.  If children play games or sports during this period they enjoy important physical advantages over children who do not practice or engage with sport.

PhysKidz Tennis provides numerous physical benefits for young children.

  • It develops their hand-eye coordination,
  • Gross motor skills through movement and ball striking,
  • Fine motor skills through various tennis shots as well as
  • Balance and body coordination.

Through tennis, children build speed, leg strength, agility and flexibility as well as to promote overall good health.


Team sports are a huge self-esteem booster for children to help them find their character. They will expand their confidence by learning about their own strengths and abilities.

Athletics teach children how to be:

  • Disciplined during training,
  • How to focus on the task at hand and
  • How to have endurance when the going gets tough.

Children playing team sports also have to learn how to achieve a balance between their schoolwork and sports, which promotes a strong work ethic both on and off the field.


PhysKidz Soccer can be educational and stimulates a child's imagination as well as to assist the development of skills such as following instructions and playing as a team.

Soccer is a great opportunity for your child’s early education, helping to develop their:

  • Physical,
  • Cognitive and
  • Social skills.

Children are introduced to the basics of soccer such as dribbling, striking, goal scoring etc. in a play structured format.

Each child will work within their own ability but taught in a team environment.

PhysKidz Benefits

Encouraging your child to engage in sports at such a young age can be very beneficial and help them to grow not only physically but mentally as well. Do you want to know what those benefits are?