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physkidz health and safety

Health and Safety

Health & Safety

All PhysKidz employees are committed to the health safety of all learners participating in the PhysKidz program.

The employees of PhysKidz will ensure that all the necessary precautions be taken to ensure the safety and well being of learners.

PhysKidz coaches will all be trained in handling emergency situations in case of accidental injuries. All coaches will be first aid certified.

Each school will have a health and safety file that the coach will bring with to every session. The safety file will include risk assessments (assessed by a NOSA certified Health and Safety Officer). Moreover, the file will include measures to be taken should any emergency occur. Should the school decide to utilise their own emergency procedures all PhysKidz coaches will be trained accordingly and will implement these procedures.

Parents will have to sign an indemnity form upon registration in order for their child/children to participate in the program. This is to ensure the health and safety of all learners. These indemnity forms will be kept in the school’s Health and Safety file.